5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A WordPress Site Instead Of A Website

wp1It created a revolution a few years ago but today, the WordPress platform has been downloaded more that 5.5 million times and it is rapidly growing. If you are looking into having a website for either your company or yourself, I suggest you take it in consideration. I have been on both sides on this one, I have owned traditional websites before, I’ve had webmasters and designers build a site for me in the past and I can tell you that having your own site has never been as easy as it is today. One of the reasons is WordPress. read more

5 Social Tools To Help You Spread Your Awesomeness Outside Your Site

toolsWhen I write posts I always have in mind that I’m writing for people that, more than entrepreneurs, are following their passion and somehow working on a life’s project, putting their work out there. I also assume that I’m able to provide a little help with advice on something that is not their expertise, for example, I think that a life coach, an artist or a web designer should focus on enriching his/her career and that there is little time to learn about other aspects of the business like marketing or accounting. I’m hoping to provide a little value to those people. read more