LinkedIn Or Facebook For Better B2B Marketing Results? [Includes Infographic]

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B2B Marketing: LinkedIn or Facebook?I know what you’re thinking just by reading the headline of this post: Of course LinkedIn is better for B2B marketing and Facebook for B2C.

But wait, that is not necessarily the case. I have to admit I’m not as active on LinkedIn as I am on Facebook, or even Google+. That’s probably because my focus on this blog is to talk to entrepreneurs and small business.

But when it comes to approach Corporate America, I automatically think I need to get out of these networks and go to LinkedIn. Some of you probably don’t know I’m also a partner at Plural and Partners, a digital agency in Los Angeles and Chile that works with brands and big ad agencies.

Even though I have established Facebook connections with some individuals, when I want to connect with people about Plural, I’m not sure that I want to poke folks on their personal profiles, it feels like I’m coming to your family BBQ on Sunday to discuss business.

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On the other hands, it feels to me that LinkedIn does not offer the same level of engagement. I heard people say they never check their messages or invites to connect. I have actually sent invites that were accepted 6 months later. By then, I don’t even know who you are anymore.

But how about results? How about learning a bit more about where my prospect is hanging out, or what kind of people should I approach on LinkedIn or on Facebook. That’s the objective for this infographic from Bop Design that starts by saying that conventional wisdom says LinkedIn is better if you play in the B2B league but…

And this is what I’m taking away from it. Of course I’d love to get your thoughts on this in the comment section:

  • You should target individuals by their level, looks like top level execs are more likely to do “business” on LinkedIn while middle management use it to network and entry level are just looking for jobs
  • Regardless of the numbers, I think I will follow my intuition on where to approach people
  • Just because my target prospect spends more time on Facebook doesn’t mean I will add to the pile of invites, messages, likes, and other forms of digital pokes. Maybe a channel less congested will have more impact
  • Does this mean I will scratch Facebook from my B2B marketing strategy? Of course not, you should not ignore Facebook at all

LinkedIn or Facebook for B2B Marketing?

Infographic courtesy of Bop Design


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