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7 Ways To Annoy Your Facebook Friends

annoyingWe have read about Twitter etiquette many times, how to conduct ourselves and what not to do. Since many people still consider Facebook to be more of a personal thing and not really something to establish business relationships, it seems like there is no etiquette at all. read more

5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A WordPress Site Instead Of A Website

wp1It created a revolution a few years ago but today, the WordPress platform has been downloaded more that 5.5 million times and it is rapidly growing. If you are looking into having a website for either your company or yourself, I suggest you take it in consideration. I have been on both sides on this one, I have owned traditional websites before, I’ve had webmasters and designers build a site for me in the past and I can tell you that having your own site has never been as easy as it is today. One of the reasons is WordPress. read more

5 Social Tools To Help You Spread Your Awesomeness Outside Your Site

toolsWhen I write posts I always have in mind that I’m writing for people that, more than entrepreneurs, are following their passion and somehow working on a life’s project, putting their work out there. I also assume that I’m able to provide a little help with advice on something that is not their expertise, for example, I think that a life coach, an artist or a web designer should focus on enriching his/her career and that there is little time to learn about other aspects of the business like marketing or accounting. I’m hoping to provide a little value to those people. read more