9 Things You Should Be Sharing on Facebook but Probably Aren’t

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9 Things You Should Be Sharing on Facebook but Probably Aren’t

Don’t know what you should be posting on Facebook?

You’re not alone! This is one of the most common questions asked by small business owners. Many business owners don’t know what they should be posting on their Facebook page other than posts about their products.

Not only is thinking what to post can be tough, business owners need to compete with over 30 million Facebook pages of businesses. It’s not easy stand out.

With that in mind, we need more than just our products for us to stand out. We need a variety of content.

So how do you stand share things and stand out?

Let’s go through them now.

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1) Selfie

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, selfies are taking over social media. Today some of the most popular photos on Facebook are selfies. It works!

The team at Post Planner even posted a photo of a group selfie. Guess what? People loved it. It gave a more human look to our company and judging by the engagement, we need to do that more often.

What to share on Facebook: Selfies

2) Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photos are a great way to humanize your business. This type of content can be used to show a more honest and transparent brand.

Today, more businesses are taking this approach to give insights to their fans and offer a unique authentic voice on their Facebook page.

Here’s a fantastic example form Melanie Duncan’s Facebook page.

What to share on Facebook: Behind the scenes

3) Funny photos

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, funny photos actually works. There are a few ways to approach this, you can create your own version of a popular meme or you can simple share fun photos with your fans. It’s just a great way to lighten up the mood. Don’t forget, Facebook is a place for others to hang out.

4) Quotes

If this fits your market, share it. Some marketers tend to dislike the idea of sharing quotes. I, on the other hand, have the opposite opinion. For me if it fits your industry, you can use it to your advantage. Quotes are some of our most engaged posts on our Post Planner Facebook page. This particular quote had over 28,000 shares. It was a simple quote that we found using Post Planner’s viral photos app.

What to share on Facebook: Quotes

5) Trending content

Have you heard about Facebook’s new algorithm yet? Facebook recently changed their algorithm (yet again) to show you timely and trending content from your friends and pages. Crafting a marketing message that ties into trending topics is key to catching the customer’s attention now. That means when you have post that is related to an interest of a fan, it’s very likely to help with getting it more engaged.

6) Your own content

Of course you should be posting your own content. An idea would be to not make it too promotional all the time. Instead, make your product sexy by taking it out and sharing a photo of it in everyday life (instead of a studio).

We all can learn from Quest Nutrition about doing this. They are one of the few companies that are rocking social media.

What to share on Facebook: Own content

7) Other peoples content

Sharing is caring right? Sharing content from other reputable sources is actually a good idea to build engagement. Fans will appreciate the information and will likely look at your page to get more relevant and useful information.

8) Fill in the blanks

There’s something about fill in the blanks that is so addictive. I always need to respond when I see one of those, and I’m not alone. Fill in the blanks are one of the most simplest ways to get people to quickly leave a comment.

You can even use it to your advantage by adding your brand.

For example:

The first [YOUR BRAND] product I ever bought was __________.

[YOUR BRAND] has changed the way I __________.

The first time I tasted [YOUR BRAND] was ___________.

The first word that pops into my head when I think if [YOUR BRAND] is __________.

9) Videos

Did you know? Twice as many people now watch videos on Facebook in their feed compared to just six months ago. I admit I have been watching some of those videos too. They are pretty entertaining. I believe videos are still underused by businesses. There are only a handful of companies that are really using videos well.

What to share on Facebook: Videos

To learn more about using all these tactics in your own Facebook marketing, I recommend you learn from companies such as Quest Nutrition, Duck Tale, KLM, Pretzel Crisps, and more.

What type of content have are you sharing to your Facebook page? Do comment below.


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