7 Ways To Stay Connected To Facebook (Without Going To The Site)

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FacebookIf you are becoming more and more active on Facebook, you are probably starting to notice that going to the actual website is not always convenient or, that you can’t always be connected to it.

Yes, some people are always connected to a platform one way or another because that is where the community lives or where the prospect hangs out. Fortunately, there are many applications being developed around these social websites, some of them are bringing these communities to a common place on the web or even to your desktop or mobile device.

So let’s review some of the tools you can use to stay connected to Facebook without even going to the site:

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1. Desktop Applications

One of the easier ways to connect to Facebook without actually going there is by using the Facebook for Adobe AIR application. There are also third-party apps that have a lot more features built in. Read my post Your Social Life In One Place: Your Desktop to learn more about Nomee.

Facebook Air

2. Mobile Application

iPhoneThe last version of the Facebook application for iPhone has been said to be one of the best ones ever featured on iTunes and of course, it is also available for other platforms as well.

I think the success for the iPhone app in particular is due to the universal navigation made into the main page, the experience it’s really getting closer to the real thing. The application is obviously free and if you haven’t experience the iPhone version, I suggest you do.

3. Firefox Toolbar

If you are using Firefox, with a couple of clicks you can install the Facebook Toolbar, which includes status updating, sharing options and quick links to different section on the site.

Facebook Toolbar

4. Sidebar Chat

The Facebook Chat must be one of the most annoying chats ever. Some people (me included…) choose not to use it but if you do, you can make it a little bit more human-friendly. If you use Firefox, which you should, you can place it on the sidebar by simply bookmarking it. This is a great tutorial from HongKiat: How To Place Facebook Chat On Firefox Sidebar and I promise to put together a little video later this week.

Facebook Chat

5. Twitter Clients

I know, I said Twitter, but both desktop and web-based applications like TweetDeck, Seemsic or HootSuite have recently expanded their efforts to Facebook integrations and they keep improving and adding features. Soon, we will never visit the actual site again…


6. Ping Your Status

Services like Ping.fm let you update your status for several networks at the same time, you can configure whatever services you want to connect from a very extensive menu of possiblities. Other more recent applications such as HelloTxt are also available and if you pay attention on other sites, Facebook is being updated from anywhere online…

7. Brizzly

Brizzly is definitely the most recent innovation on how to manage your Facebook account, it displays your activity in a stream fromat and you can view the news feed or your wall. The application also handles your Twitter account which makes it pretty cool because you can manage both of them from one place.

Brizzly has been making a lot of noise lately, maybe it’s time you take it for a spin. Follow this link to signup (it includes an invite code).


Last Word

I’m always chasing simplicity in everything I do. When it comes to these little gadgets I have one rule I try to follow, if it makes my life easier then I’ll consider it but if it adds more steps to my process, complicates my day or they are just clutter on my notebook… I drop ‘em for good.

The point here is to provide ease on your social media activity while you stay connected and some of these tools really do the trick.

Are you using something else to stay connected to Facebook? Share your secrets in the comment section…


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