7 Highly Effective Tips To Successfully Market Your Promotions

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7 Tips On How To Promote Your Promotion Campaign

You run a promotion campaign to get more leads, fans and future customers.

Once you have an app running on your Facebook Page or website, you will need to talk about it. Like when organizing a party, it’s not enough to print flyers, you need to distribute them.

In this post you will find some tweaks on how to spread the word about your sweepstake, giveaway, coupon offer or competition directly to your audience. (Of course there are other marketing techniques too, like advertising or partnering up with other opinion leaders.)

Why is it important that the people you reach already enter your promotion campaign? Because new leads will come trough them, if your app is viral.

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Here is an example of a promotion application. In a sweepstake for instance you offer a grand prize to the subscribers:

Driving Traffic To The Promotion App

1) Talk About It Before Launch

Tell your fans that you will have a giveaway on the following week, so they should be tuned. Post an image of the grand prize, and tell them to “Click LIKE if you want to win it!” (Be smart with the language, if you tell them to like an image to win, then you violate the Facebook promotion guidelines.)

2) Impose Conditions To Launch

launching a promotion campaign

You may take advantage of those Facebook super-users who love promotions, and use a lingo what the winner-wannabes know well. It’s close to the language of the rule-breaking wall-contests, but the condition is different. See this example:

Smart wording: the condition of launching a promotion campaign is that fans share the image then it reaches 750 likes or 75 shares. It’s very close to the wording of the rule-breaking wall-contests.

3) Always Use A Mobile Compatible Link

According to Forbes, we spend 43% of our total minutes on Facebook from mobile. Three months ago it was only 38%, so that’s a significant growth. Always pay attention to share a mobile compatible link – third party apps usually work well on mobile – so people may click immediately when they see your post.

4) Tell It Everywhere

Spread your promo

Once you launched the promotion campaign you will want to use all your channels to talk about it. Always share a mobile compatible link, some call to action wording, and it’s useful if you post a nice image of the grand prize, plus a screenshot of the promotion app itself.

Publish a blogpost with the images and a link directing to the app.

Send out a newsletter with the screenshot of the app, then when people click, it directs them to the app.

Tweet it out up to 4-5 times a day. (It’s not a lot, because people will see it in different times, just change the wording a bit.)

Image: Share it on Facebook – tag every related page, e.g. who offered the grand prize. Again, you may use the lingo close to the rule-breaking wall-contests, and tell people “Share this post if you want to win!”.

Mr. Bugsly Presents gives away stuff from other businesses. Tagging them was a good idea, so the post about the giveaway appears on their page too.

5) Drive Offline Traffic To Your App

Print leaflets with QR codes, and give them to people in your shop. Or if you’re a pro, you may hack your billing system, and print QR codes to your bills.

6) Use Viral Features

Either you work with an agency or you use a third-party app builder to power your promotion campaign, you should take advantage of the viral features these tools offer. These will help you to spend less on advertising.

  • Non-incentivized sharing: “Share with your friends!”
  • Incentivized invitation: “Earn X bonus entries if a friend enters from your shared link!”
  • Incentivized sharing: “Earn X bonus entries for sharing!”
  • Like gate: “Like our page to enter!”
  • Friend gate: “Invite X friends to enter!”

Use a permission dialog and automatic posting to wall after subscriber entered.

Encourage entering again for better chances to win, so people will keep your brand in mind during the day.

Motivating subscribers to spread the word is a good way the drive more traffic to your promotion app.

7) Tweak Facebook Apps And Views

Your fans should see your promotion campaign when they arrive to your page. Here is how you can help them:

  • Put the promotion app to the first row – the best is if you put it just next to the photo view, to be the second from the left
  • Have a call to action wording below the app
  • Change the image – you may use some text there too
  • Read a guide about the technical tricks here

This example is good because the app is in the first row, renamed, and the image changed to something that fits into the style of the page, but with different color.

Facebook Apps & Views

What Makes A Good App?

Whether you create an app with an agency or a promotion app builder (like Wildfire, Strutta, Votigo or Antavo), the app should know these:

  • Mobile compatible, works well on your Facebook page and website
  • Templates, so you don’t need to hire a designer, and the process will be faster
  • Viral features
  • Customization to your look and feel
  • Confirmation notifications – when people enter your promotion they receive an e-mail into their mailbox with the details. It’s perfect for up-selling

Your Turn

How do you spread the word about your promotion campaign? What are the most important features for you?


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