6 Ways To Avoid Building A Mediocre Blog You Can’t Afford To Miss

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 Mediocrity is often the result of taking the road of least resistance. You agree?…

I’m sure you do. Building successful blogs, strong brands and huge audiences is no walk in the park. This process slaps you in the face with resistance ever step of the way.

But it gets worse. Even though you’ve decided to take on this monster of a task; even though you’ve decided to take the road less traveled by building your internet empire, you may still be getting mediocre results. But why? – Are other successful bloggers smarter than you? That’s highly unlikely…

So, what keeps other successful bloggers from building “just another wordpress blog?” What makes their blogs better? I’ve been thinking about this for months now and I’ve compiled a list of 6 things successful blogs have.

My hopes with this post is to share with you the changes I’ve made and how you can use them, too. Let’s get started.

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Solve Problems and Meet Needs

The questions I’ve been getting via email, Facebook and Twitter I’ve tried to address on my blog in one form or another. When I was getting questions about post frequency, I created a video. When my audience asked about creating products, I recorded a podcast episode. And when I started getting questions about podcasting, I created a product (Podcasting For Bloggers) to fill that need and answer those questions.

The lesson here is to create the content that your audience wants. Francisco knew that some of you were interested in keeping your blogs safe, Facebook landing pages and getting twitter followers, that’s why he wrote those articles. If you do that, we promise you’ll be fine.

Enjoy the Process

This is probably the hardest thing I’m going to suggest you do – detach yourself from results. In order to build a successful blog, with a loyal audience, you have to think about this as a long term project. The thing about long term projects is that they take awhile to get results, and people often give up and stop making progress.

But, if you try to enjoy it every step of the way, you might stick with it long enough to reap the benefits of business blogging.

Time is The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

You can buy every blogging course, and talk to every single pro blogger for an hour but they’ll never be able to give you the one thing that is essential to a blog’s success. – Time. It takes time to get noticed, it takes time to build a loyal following, and it takes time to start getting good search engine traffic.

The methods, ideas and strategies that we talk about can speed up your success but time will always be the missing piece of the puzzle. I noticed that the more patient I was, the faster I grew.

If it’s Not Personal – Make it Personal

First, my only focus was educating my readers. Then I added my experiences. Then I added personality, then humor and a bit of entertainment. The slight changes in my writing style took place when I started to get comfortable with myself and the things I was sharing.

This process of finding your voice might come natural to you, but for others it might take some time and practice. Work on making your blog a bit more personable, and your readers will find it easier to connect with you.

Never Be Satisfied

Too many people give up way too early. Often times it’s because the results aren’t coming fast enough, other times it’s because they’re satisfied with the results they are getting. The best part about building a blog is that with consistent effort comes consistent growth. The more you do and give, the more you get back in return.

The key is to continue to write, publish and promote content so that your blog passes the mediocre stage and lands on the popular stage.

Sometimes it’s who you know

I’ve learned that building relationships with other bloggers is not only a smart thing to do, but it’s also a critical part of your success. Just like in “real” life I’ll help out a friend much faser than I would help a complete stranger.

Thinking that you can do this on your own will slow you down. So, I suggest you swallow you pride, kick that ego to the side, and avoid mediocrity by collaborating with other bloggers.

On To You…

What are you doing to build a blog worth visiting over and over again? How does your site measure up to the popular blogs in your niche? Leave your comments below and let’s chat…


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