5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A WordPress Site Instead Of A Website

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wp1It created a revolution a few years ago but today, the WordPress platform has been downloaded more that 5.5 million times and it is rapidly growing. If you are looking into having a website for either your company or yourself, I suggest you take it in consideration. I have been on both sides on this one, I have owned traditional websites before, I’ve had webmasters and designers build a site for me in the past and I can tell you that having your own site has never been as easy as it is today. One of the reasons is WordPress.

I can think of many reasons why you should use WordPress to build your site but my intention is to provide you with a quick and useful read, so here are the main 5:

I should also make clear that I’m talking about WordPress.org (self-hosted) and not WordPress.com

No Need To Start From Scratch

WordPress provides you with a pre-built platform, there is no need to start coding from scratch or to hire a company to build something custom-made. Forget about spending thousands of dollars. Of course there are exceptions, if you are building something that includes some unique features then you should still go that way. If you are assuming that this is only a blogging platform, think again, you’ll be surprised of how many sites out there have been built without even using the blogging feature and you don’t even realize it’s a WordPress site…

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The “Webmaster” Is Dead

Webmaster? Monthly maintenance fees? It’s all in the past. Once your WordPress site is finished, you have full control of the content including all kinds of media like photos and even videos. You own it, no need to call your webmaster to make changes to your content. The other alternative to have full control of your site is developing a CMS (Content Management System), which usually represents another substantial investment.

WordPress_AdminSo Easy A Caveman Can Do It

Nothing is more user-friendly than the control panel, once you get familiar with all the sections you will be able to manage everything on your site. Publishing a new post or making changes to a page is as easy as working on a basic word document. There is no need to touch any code here. Other features include managing widgets on your sidebar, plugins and even change the theme of your site. Also, the amount of documentation and tutorials at the WordPress website is enough to set you free from any external help when maintaining your site.

The Beauty Of Open-Source Pricing: FREE

Yes, WordPress is an open-source software and it is web-based, nothing to buy and nothing to install on your computer. In my case, this is one of the great benefits I offer my clients. Obviously there is a cost on hosting your site but this represents an expense that anybody can afford. Today, companies like GoDaddy are offering hosting packages for less than $5/month.

Plug-in Whatever You Want

Everything you need on your site that it’s not already included is free or close to free. Thousands of independent developers around the globe build plugins specifically for this platform everyday, ready for installation and configuration. From Twitter feeds to social media sharing capabilities or traffic analytics, it’s all available as open-source.


If you never had to replace your webmaster once the site was already finished, you’re lucky. Two reasons why this is a nightmare, because every single developer has its own tricks when it comes to writing code and because nobody wants to touch or be responsible for code somebody else wrote. While it is true that code behind WordPress is tweaked every day, it will never be the same as when you’re developing something custom-made. This platform is very friendly even for developers and this makes it easier for you to find someone else in case your guy moves to Madagascar.

Building a website should be fun, I try to keep it that way. WordPress makes it very easy to that and get everything you want, or better said, you can have your cake and eat it too.


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